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Discover how your dreams are the purest form of expression of your subconscious - the place where your greatest dreams and biggest fears live. Learn simple methods to shift your waking reality through your dreams (even if you don’t think you dream).



During this course you will;

  • Learn about the true reason why we dream at night

  • Explore the depths of your unconscious and what it is telling you about your past, present & future

  • Discover how dream work is soul work and that healing can take place over night

  • Practice how to remember your dreams (even if you think you don’t dream)

  • Learn powerful tools to master lucid dreaming

  • Explore different levels of dimensions of the dream world and how to work with your dream guides

  • Understand unique dream symbolism and dream language

  • Push your own boundaries of what’s possible between worlds

  • Learn how to reprogram your subconscious and be in charge of your energy

  • Open up for your intuition and learn about energies

  • Learn about nightmares and the power of perception

  • Learn how to consciously use sleep paralysis for healing and deep positive reprogramming of your subconscious

  • Gain more confidence in your self and your intuition

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Each module is designed to help you create specific skills and abilities to empower your dreaming and waking life


MODULE 1: Open Yourself To Higher Wisdom

1/3 of your life is taking place while you sleep - we start by claiming it. Knowing that the dream world is important is the first step to claiming your power. Regardless if you know it or not, you create your reality while you sleep. Ever hear the phrase ‘it was just a dream’? I’m here to tell you that there’s no such thing! Think about the phrases ‘the man of my dreams’ or ‘my worst nightmare’ — the truth about dreams is right in our face,
hidden in our own language.

In this first module, I will explain the true reason why we dream and guide you to remember the 8 dreams you have every night.
Just because you don’t remember your dreams doesn’t mean you’re not creating (unconsciously) through them. Open up for the channel so you can see what you’re creating. (1hr 11min)

Learn how to;

  • Improve your dream recall so you know what you’re creating

  • Discover the depths of your unconscious and what it is telling you about your past, present & future

  • Understand how you use your energy for dreaming and what could be blocking you

  • How your ancestors have an influence on your dreams and therefore your life


MODULE 2: The Bright Side Of Your Nightmares

The beauty of the dream world is that you can use your dreams to find out what’s hiding in the shadows, in the depths of your subconscious. Emotions you didn’t think you had and feelings that have been suppressed for years. Dreams reveal what we need to work on so that we don’t have to keep repeating them while awake. It’s all about changing your perception and facing your fears.

In the 2nd module, I will dive deep into the topic of nightmares and how they are blocking the flow of abundance in your life. I will explain how it’s all about perception as what you think is a nightmare could be one of the best dreams for healing. Change how you look at things and the things you look at will change. (1hr 30min)

Learn how to;

  • Understand your nightmares and what they are telling you.

  • Discover your deepest fears & repetitive patterns

  • Change your perception and overcome the illusion of fear

  • Use conscious sleep paralysis to program your subconscious and heal

  • Take back your power, awake or asleep

  • Understand different elements and beings that influence your dream space

The Road To Lucidity

What’s the purpose of lucid dreams? If you have control over your subconscious - you have control over your life. By learning to become lucid, you can actively plant the dreams that you want to see happen while awake, creating the life you actually desire. It all starts in our dreams. Be it a new job, the love of your life, more money, or healing from an ailment.. the possibilities are endless and you are LITERALLY just one dream away from ‘your dreams.’ Becoming lucid in your dreams means waking up within the dream and realizing that you are dreaming. Your eyes are closed, your body is completely asleep, yet you are in the world of dreams AND aware that you are, in fact, dreaming. If you haven’t experienced it yet, get ready..It’s the most incredible experience. BEING LIMITLESS IS ABOUT TO TAKE ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING FOR YOU!

In the 3rd module, I will pave the road with 9 different paths to lucidity for you. Learn how to wake up while you sleep and add more life to your life. How aware can you become? awake and asleep.. The more awareness you can bring to each moment, the more in control you will have of your life. (1hr 18min)

Learn how to;

  • Turn an otherwise “dead” eight hours of sleep into a creative workshop and healing session

  • Avoid false awakenings

  • Use lucidity hooks or a personal space as a portal into lucidity

  • Become lucid and co-create instead of being an observer

  • Master lucid dreaming and explore ideas, face your fears, cure addictions, or heal your traumas

  • Visualize with all of your senses to increase the power and speed of which you manifest

The Language Of Your Dreams

The language of our dreams speak to us through symbols. Understanding this symbolism is important so that you can tell what it is you are creating in your life, but also provide you with the tools for co creation once you get lucid. You do NOT want to use the meaning you put to your day to day waking symbols in your dreams as they create very different result then you may think.

In the 4th module, you will learn how to understand what your dreams are telling you. When you interpret your dream, you don’t just look at the immediate situation I.e. your teeth falling out. You have to look at multiple sequences perhaps such as the dream before or after, which direction were you walking and who was around you? These are all things which could tell you more about that specific dream. You will learn all the important things you have to pay attention to in the dream so you don’t waste time dream journaling things that don’t matter. (1hr 18min)

Learn how to;

  • Understand and interpret what your dreams are telling you

  • Understand the symbolism and put them together to co create once lucid

  • Understand the elements of your dreams and the power of animals

  • Work with your spirit guides and ‘direct’ prophetic dreams

  • How some dreams can be both literal (direct prophetic) and symbolic

  • Take action to avoid an unwanted future by cancelling the dreams you don’t want to see happen

New Beginnings

Changing your dreams means changing your life. You have to stand in your power with conviction in order to take charge of your life wake or asleep and as you do, you will become a powerful creator.

In the 5th module you learn how to put together a plan/strategy for your lucid adventures depending on what you want to create in your life.
You will also learn new ways to operate from your heart instead of your head to feel into the things that may come up in order to fully stand in your power. (55min + 20 min guided meditation)

Learn how to;

  • Put together a lucidity strategy that your subconscious will remember

  • Stand in your power

  • Use your heart instead of your head.

  • BONUS MATERIAL: New Moon Meditation to build new pathways for the things you desire in your life and new ways of dreaming.




Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • Over 6 hrs of video material from the live course

  • Experience an opportunity to be mentored by Diana from the comfort of your own home.

  • Each module is designed to help you create the specific skills and abilities to empower your dreaming and your waking life

  • PDF material for easy navigation and overview

  • Bonus New Moon meditation to open up for new lucid dreaming abilities
  • Access the material at any time



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“This course has been mind blowing for me!! I’ve always dealt with dream paralysis and I didn’t know what it was. I was afraid of it and I thought I was wired/crazy. This course gave name to something I didn’t know what was and I’m not only not afraid anymore but have learned how to use it as a tool to create amazing things in my life! I’ve learned to use the dream world in my favor and create things for myself. An example of it is two weeks ago, I wanted to help the process of selling my husbands company. I already knew it would take a few weeks and it would be a woman (saw it in a dream). I used the dream symbols provided while lucid and within two weeks, we got an offer by a woman that we know is the perfect buyer!
— Nathalia Van Duuren, Gran Canaria

“I learned A LOT from you Diana! My dad has talked dreams my whole life and always encouraged chatting about and interpreting them, but I never knew you could lucid CREATE and hence change your waking life through dreams. That information just blew my mind, but also so obvious too. I love all the info and wisdom you gave us. Thank you sister! Will work on standing in my power.
— a dreamer

“THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️ By the way, you’ve been popping up as one of my dream guides!! I love seeing you in my dreams because you always have really great advice and help me become lucid. 😂 I’m sure that’s true for everyone taking your course, but it’s a really cool experience!
— a dreamer

“It was soooo good!! Thank you so much for all the knowledge 💕💕such new and life changing information you gave!
Bless you for creating this class!!
— a dreamer

“Thank you so much for the moon meditation and for the last lesson I feel super confident about this new skills and I can’t be happier I’m working on it!! I had an amazing night last night... I felt so much magic I almost could float when I woke up 😂😂
— a dreamer

“Holy lucid dreaming!! I was in and out of lucidity this morning (overnight) and it was epic. I caught myself almost going downstairs and turned around. It was hard, like energy was pulling me down! But once I realized I experimented with just looking at my surroundings, attempting flight, looking for the tip of my nose, walking toward the right, etc. Wow!
— a dreamer

“I just want to say I have been receiving so many messages from my dreams lately and I have you to thank for it all!!!! Since I had my son (hes about to be 2) I have not had many dreams. I used to watch you all the time on YouTube and then I started following you on Instagram. Your advice and experience with dreaming has honestly motivated me into tuning my energy towards my dreams at bed time as well as during the day. My dreams are giving me so much more insight into my reality and I just want to tell you I’m grateful for you to be in my little life. Thank you!
— a dreamer

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